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The Young Fables Exclusive Interview

When Did They Participate in the Country Showdown

Laurel Wright of the Young Fables won the National Finals of the Country Showdown at the young age of 16. She later went on to participate in American Idol and as a duo they won Nash Next.

How They Met

Laurel and Wes met in their hometown of Maryville while Wes was doing some freelance music. By fate, Laurel had a performance where her guitar player couldn’t play and, through the help of their drummer friend, got the two together.

The Story Behind Their Album & Their Songs

The Young Fables are getting ready to release their second album and in the coming weeks they will release their latest single “Half As Good” music video. They feel they have come a long way with their songwriting for this second album and say that it has a new level of maturity. The songs they wrote for this album are very personal to them and touch on a lot of subjects that are often hard to talk about but that many can relate. They write songs “telling it how they see it” and not about telling people how to live. They want to paint a picture of what others go through. They feel that if their songs can help one person then they have achieved their mission. Wes explains: “If only Momma listens then that’s ok”.

Laurel and Wes says their songs come to them as they go throughout their day. They enjoy writing together because they can bounce ideas off one another and weed out the bad ones and focus on the songs that are relatable to their audience. They say they don’t always write about their own experiences but also write about things their friends are going through.

Artists know that when you are onstage you must be prepared for anything. Laurel recalls in our interview the time a beetle flew into her hair, numerous times of guitars hitting the floor and when John Prine walks by during you gig you stop playing and run after him. Yes, Laurel did get her picture!

This year they look forward to doing more traveling with the goal of reaching more people with their music. Their main goal is to always be moving forward and not backwards.

Advice To Other Country Showdown Artists

The Country Showdown gave Laurel the opportunity to gain more experience being on stage. She’d like new artists to understand that even winning something like the Country Showdown doesn’t mean success. It takes hard work and Laurel believes that trumps talent. Use talent showcases as a learning experience and a platform to get started. Always be yourself and don’t forget to smile.

Upcoming Release

Their latest album is set to release May 4th. It’s hard to put into words Laurel’s mesmerizing vocals and laid-back country feel of this amazing duo. Their music is an experience you will understand the moment you hear their songs.

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