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Exclusive Interview Deidre Thornell

When Did She Participate In The Country Showdown?

Every artists story is unique but one thing many have in common is it’s a long road and sometimes it’s hard to keep going. As for Deidre, the support of her mom got her through and encouraged her to keep the dream alive. With that encouragement, Deidre entered the Country Showdown in 2013 after several attempts previously with little success. Her mom was right and helped her pave the way to the National Finals and the opportunity to sing at the Ryman stage.

What Happened After The Show?

After her time as a national finalist, Deidre worked for a couple years and then made the move to Nashville working at a country club while making connections and networking with other writers and producers.  Through the help of her friend Jake, who mentored her and helped her to “level-up” her experience and talent, she continued working on her craft and songwriting. In August of 2013 she met Amber Mogg-Cathey (our own Country Showdown Vocal Coach Mentor) who helped her find and strengthen her voice and introduced her to a publishing company which lead to more songwriting connections.

Exciting New Career News

All of her work has led up to a 6-song album release named “Dallas”. Her first single “Wild and Free” will release this May to radio. This exciting new chapter in her music includes performing at a show called The Music of Nashville and she is now able to pursue her music full-time. She’s excited about having more time to give to her creativity, her songwriting and is one step closer to achieving her music career goals. She is also planning a radio tour to promote her music this summer.

Advice to Artist in the Country Showdown

Deidre encourages artists to never give up and don’t stop. She says, if her mom hadn’t been there to encourage her to give it another try she wouldn’t have been able to sing at the Ryman. She’s met a lot of great friends through her involvement in the show who have also become great co-writers. “No matter how unclear the future seems, keep plugging through.”

The Future

“I don’t know where my path is leading me, or what my ending destination is, as far as me chasing the dream of becoming a successful touring country music artist is concerned, but I do know that if hard work, perseverance, dedication, patience meet me in the middle with the time to be creative and moving people in a genuine way with my music – I hope I may be able to have a shot in this crazy business”

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