How To Enter

For a list of participating radio stations click the button below and choose the state you want to compete in under “Start Application” and a list of available stations in your area will be available below in “Select Program”.


Step #1: Read the eligibility requirements prior

to beginning and submitting your application.

Rules & Eligibility

The Showdown is open to vocal and/or instrumental performers, individuals, or groups of up to seven members who have not performed on a record listed in the national record charts of Billboard within eighteen months preceding local competition.

There is a $30.00 entry fee per act and all contestants must begin their competition by performing at showdowns produced by participating country music radio stations. To be selected as a local showdown participate you must enter online.

CLICK HERE for a complete list of participation rules.

Submit any questions regarding eligibility to Country Showdown.

a. I am/we are not an act with over seven individuals.

b. I/we have not performed on a record listed in Billboard within eighteen months preceding local competition.

c. I have created the required video in the correct format and submitted the link to my video in my application

d. I have completed my entry form and submitted my payment for $30

e. I am/we are not part of the local backup band nor am I/are we related to any member of the local backup band by birth or marriage nor have I/we performed with the local back-up band or any member of the local backup band for monetary compensation within the past year.

f. I am/we are not an owner, controlling stockholder or employee of and I am/we are not related by birth or marriage, nor do I/we live in the same household as the local Showdown judge, the radio station sponsoring the local Showdown contest, any national sponsor, CS, or any employee, controlling stockholder, owner, officer or agent of any of the foregoing parties.

g. I/we have not already been declared a Local winner of a season 36 Country Showdown and eligible for a Regional Showcase.

h. I/we have never been a National Winner, either as an individual or as part of a group of the past 3 seasons of the Country Showdown.


Step #3: Submit Your Application with required video or mp3 (some stations do not require this)

Video Requirements

Submission Video: Artists must record a video no longer than 7 minutes in which they showcase two songs of varying country styles. Pick out songs that show off your personality, charisma, vocal ability and marketability in country music. You may sing along with background tracks only or back yourself. You may not sing along with the original artist. Make sure your sound is clear and we can hear you singing. In your introduction let us know your name, where you are from and why you believe you are the “Best New Act in Country Music”.

Submit the link to your audition video. This can be YouTube, on your Artist Facebook Page or your personal website. The link must ONLY direct to your video and not a page where someone has to scroll or look around to find your video. (If using YouTube, make sure the setting of your video is “public” or “unlisted” but not “private”). If you are doing a cover, it may be blocked from YouTube or Facebook for copyright infringement. If you are submitting a video with cover tunes on it, upload your video to “Dropbox” and create a “Link” to that file on dropbox. (Click Here For Directions).