When Can I Sign Up?

Sign up’s begin March 1st!

Where Do I Sign Up?
All artists interested in participating Country Showdown events must sign up online in order to be selected

How can I participate?

You must first submit an audition to be selected to perform at a local showcase sponsored by one of our many radio stations throughout the United States

Can I select the radio station who’s show I want to participate in?

Yes, you can select your radio station of choice.

How old do I need to be?

There is no age limit.

YouTube or Facebook Blocked My Submission Video

If you are uploading a cover song, YouTube and Facebook see that as copyright infringement. Please use your own personal artist website, a different video hosting site or Dropbox. If you are using Dropbox, you must supply a URL sharing link in your application. CLICK HERE to learn how to create a sharing link in Dropbox

Why wasn’t I selected for participate in a preliminary or local final?

Radio stations choose artists based on the quality of their submission materials and if they feel that artist is ready to participate in a live showcase. Some artists may be disqualified if they do not submit the requested information in their application. Common disqualifications are when the artist submits a URL that does not link directly to their audition video. Sending a URL that takes a radio station to your website, your Facebook page, your general Reverbnation page or another hosting service that makes them search for your audition video will disqualify your application. It is your responsibility to supply a direct link URL to your video content only.

Will a Back-Up Band be provided for me?

At the Local level, the radio station does not have to provide you a Back-Up Band. You will be allowed to use pre-recorded music instead, or play acoustically. A Back-Up Band will be provided for you at the Regional, Semifinal and National Level

Can I use pre-recorded music?

You are allowed to use pre-recorded music, with minimal background vocals, at the LOCAL LEVEL ONLY (at the discretion of the participating radio station). We will provide a band for you at the Regional, Semifinal and National levels.

Do I have to sing the same songs throughout the Local, Regional & Semifinal showcases?

No, you can change your songs from level to level.

Do I have to use the same band members from level to level of the competition?

Yes. You can only drop members from your band, you can never substitute or add to your original forming act you auditioned with. *In the event of extenuating circumstances, a written request may be submitted for substitutions.

What if I have a complaint?

If it involves the Local show, you need to contact the radio station. If it involves the Regional, Semifinal or National you need to put it in writing and send it to us at CSI or e-mail it to us at info@countryshowdown.com.

Phone calls will not be accepted.

What is the time limit on my songs?

Time limits may be enforced during live streaming shows or by your radio station. Check your informational documents carefully for these limits.

Can I compete in more than one Local show?

If you win a Local show and then lose at Regional level, you may still be eligible to audition for another local competition. A $25 entry fee is required each time you audition.

Where can I get a PA Form (Copyright) I and what if I don’t have it back before the competition?

If you contact us, we can mail one to you. If you won’t have it back in time make a copy of the PA form and have it notarized stating that you are in the process of getting it finalized.

Can I get my judge scores mailed to me after the competition?

You may ask the radio station for your scores directly. All feedback from your performances at the Regional, Semifinal and National Level will be emailed to you within a week of your performance.

I don’t know how to create chord charts for the band.

If you are having trouble creating the correct chord charts for the backup band, you may use our chart service for $20 per song.