Skyline Drive

(Southwest National Finalist)


Skyline Drive is made up of two brothers, Ross and Luc Christensen. Although they both grew up with a love of music they only started playing together in the past year. Luc is self taught on the guitar and has been playing for 5 years. He had limited singing experience until he joined the high school choir as a Sophomore and he has been performing since then. Luc has written well over a dozen original songs since he started playing the guitar. When Luc is not playing the guitar or writing songs you can find him either playing baseball or on the mountain hunting.

Ross has been playing percussion for the past 15 years. He took up paying the cajon in January 2015. Ross has decided to spread his love of music by becoming a music teacher. He has been teaching private percussion lessons for 7 years and has recently become a band teacher at the local middle school. When Ross is not drumming or teaching you can find him fishing.