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The Country Showdown is America’s Largest and Longest Running Country Music Talent Showcase!

When you partner with the Country Showdown, you become a company fulfilling the dreams of thousands of aspiring country music artists all over America.

With 35 years of advertising experience, we offer the most complete promotional and advertising program around!

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Our Advertising Channels:

  • Over 400 Participating Radio Stations running promo ads
  • A large, active and growing social media network
  • Over 500 live shows each year across the United States
  • Live streaming shows & social media content
  • Opt-In Database
  • Newspaper, Magazine & Online articles
  • Banners & Print Media
  • and more!
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      • Working with a program that can reach the biggest and smallest markets in America which…
      • Takes advantage of the largest and fastest growing entertainment sector today with…
      • A yearlong activation strategy reaching your primary demographic and customer through a proven program that supports your brand and can generate incremental revenue…
      • That you can seamlessly integrate your existing or future creative into a national platform and…
      • Has a 35-year track record of success!



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